The Written Revolution

Hi there!

Some of you may know me from Quills and Crystals. It was one of many blogs I have kept throughout my life, but it was certainly the first blog I took seriously. I wrote about my personal life, but I also wrote about books, politics, and travel. I enjoyed writing all of my posts, but my favorite (and best) posts were either about books or social justice. Eventually, I started a series called Read and Resist, in which I reviewed books that addressed various social justice issues. I covered young adult fiction as well as nonfiction, and had a blast doing it.

Unfortunately, everything became too much. I got burned out from my ideas and trying to figure out my ~*brand~*.  I was blogging less, and I promised posts that never actually happened. I didn’t have a focus. Quills and Crystals started to feel more like a burden. I took an unintentional hiatus, and started planning a new and improved blog.

I realized that I wanted to continue writing book reviews, and celebrate diverse books. I wanted to write about books and how they inspire and affect social change–because good storytelling is powerful.

To begin, I’ll be re-posting my book reviews here. Quills and Crystals can now be found at, and will serve as my personal website and portfolio. Then, I will read and review Robbergirl by S.T Gibson. It’s an LGBTQ+ retelling of The Snow Queen–I cannot wait.

Welcome to The Written Revolution.